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What I bring to the game

At 16 years old I started studying photography, experimenting in the lab and developing my own film rolls. I spent many hours in the dark room, surrounded by the red light and that particular chemical scent.
I come from “that” Photography, the analogue, where every image is carefully sought out while present with all your senses – only 36 frames per roll makes you value each shot more and develop your intuition.
I used to develop my photos one by one in the dark room, making several copies until I got what I was looking for. I’ve always been persistent and I still preserve the tenacious search for the best results.
I tell stories with images. I get very involved with the situations that happen in front of my camera, and look to reflect them in a way that makes not only moments, but also emotions that continue to persist over time.
My photos are characterized by careful work with lighting either in the shoot as in the post-process. I emphasize the technical quality as much as the expression of an image.
With the deep understanding of photography technique, I am able to manage a variety of projects, from difficult low light situations with moving subjects, to product photography with studio lighting.
Every project I start involves my experience, my intuition, my meticulous attention to details, and my emotion, and that is what creates my personal look.

My way of working

The most frequent question I get when I work is: ‘Tamara, don’t you ever stop?’
Every project is a story full of details, characters, specific situations.
Whether is a business event, a family portrait, a wedding coverage or a product catalogue, I always look for what to convey from what is happening in front of my camera. It will always be a combination of story + sensations.  This is the guideline that will take me through the whole project, from the first meeting with the client until the final selection and retouch of the photos.
PRE: I get to know the project details, who is involved, what makes them unique, what are they looking for, and if they have brought any ideas. This is when my job begins. This part of the process is as important as the ones that come after.
THE SHOOTING: This is the moment when I let myself go, to sense, to create, and I invite people to participate free of prejudice and molds. I love the moments when the camera becomes invisible, when I become invisible and the situation moves on with spontaneity. I work to make anyone feel comfortable in front of my camera and enjoy the moment with me.
POST: The time of solitude, reconnection with everything that flowed. I focus again on my goal, the story I want to tell, the sensations I want to transmit, and I express it through the final selection and my personal retouching style.