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A brief introduction

Events Events

Whether you are organizing a business or an informal event, you want to be able to rely on professionalism in order to fully enjoy your event and put your energy where you are needed. I offer media communication and public relations knowledge, as well as my creative point of view.

As an event organizer, you look for high-visibility to generate customer loyalty. The quality of the images you use to promote your project speaks directly to the quality of your product. I will ensure that the key moments of your event stand out, letting the observer relive the emotions of the day, even if they weren’t there to witness it. Your event will be beautifully captured, in its entirety, as only a photographer of 20 years experience can guarantee.

Portraits Portraits

Perhaps you are looking for a professional family portrait or a couple’s photo session…or you are a dancer or actor seeking to renew your photos for your casting portfolio. Or maybe you are in need of a professional profile photo. No matter what kind of portrait, I know how to capture the best of you, the most sincere you, while you enjoy the moment and let me work my magic.

Due to my lengthy experience working with all kinds of people, from children to CEOs, I have the ability to work with groups from many different backgrounds and ages.

Weddings Weddings

My style of wedding photography is a mix of my experience in photojournalism, portraits and fashion photography. Each wedding has its story to tell, I aim to reflect the couples’ personality and style. My images capture the spontaneity of those special moments, the emotion, and love in its most natural expression. I truly love immersing myself in these most joyful moments in the lives of couples, and my passion is in capturing those moments.

You can choose optional services such as: a Pre-Wedding Session, Post-Wedding Session, and much more. I’m based in Zürich and Barcelona and I travel for Destination Weddings and other photography projects.


What my clients say.

Quim Tella

After working with Tamara for the first catalogue, and experience the detailed passion and patience perfectionism that she work with, I knew she would be the one I will work for the following catalogues. Her smile together with her strong conviction makes the journey pleasant, dynamic and efficient, and the results of her work raise the level of our graphic communication.

- Quim Tella
Ingrid Rappl

“Every photo has a special atmosphere and I find that we all look very nice but also real and authentic.
I see me in every picture you have taken! But I still look a little bit better than in most photos that have been taken in the recent years”

- Ingrid Rappl
Luana M

“You are a truly beautiful photographer. Not often I have seen someone being able to capture the moments and the soul of the moment. Your photos are so dynamic. I don’t think you have “the eye for the photo”. I think you have the eye for the people!”

- Luana M


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